Security is incredibly important for both domestic and commercial property owners, and with the advent of incredible new automated security technologies it is becoming easier than ever to thoroughly protect both home and office.

Security for the home

When you leave your home unoccupied, you want to feel confident in the knowledge that it is safe from damage or break-ins, no matter how long you’re away for. Our range of automated security systems are designed to give you this peace of mind. We can provide CCTV which records only when movement is detected, and which can be accessed via display screens in the home or via the internet. By watching footage back in this way, you can keep an eye on your home no matter where in the world you are.

Using advanced technology from leading brands such as RTIcontrol4 and Fibaro, we can rig up your home in a way that gives you remote access to alarm systems and notifications, if you forget to set your security alarm before you leave. Plus, we can integrate your security system with other automations in your home, such as lighting. For example, when you go away on holiday you can programme your lights to turn off in line with your usual day to day routine in order to make it appear that you’re at home. We can even make it possible to automatically open and close your curtains each day, or divert your intercom to your mobile to really give the impression that your home is occupied.