We deliver customizable multi-vendor marketplace software with agility for startups and large organizations to enter new markets, decrease time-to-market, build competitive advantage, delight, and accelerate the growth of business.

Multivendor E-Commerce Features:
⦁ Business settings?
⦁ Upload products by admin?
⦁ Upload products by the seller?
⦁ Create a flash deal?
⦁ Manage Order?
⦁ Manage sellers?
⦁ Customer’s info?
⦁ Newsletter?
⦁ Configure payment methods?
⦁ Configure the SMTP system?
⦁ Configure Facebook login API?
⦁ Configure Google plus login API?
⦁ Configure twitter login API?
⦁ Setup currency?
⦁ Setup language?
⦁ Manage policy pages?
⦁ Manage general settings?
⦁ Manage Staff panel?
⦁ Manage shipping for products?
⦁ Manage wallet
⦁ Configure Facebook Chat?
⦁ Create a coupon?
⦁ Use coupons?
⦁ Request money withdraw as a seller?
⦁ Pay for seller withdrawal requests as a seller?
⦁ Add a new currency?
⦁ Enable maintenance mode?
⦁ Create a pickup point?
⦁ Configure Facebook pixel?
⦁ Customer chats with a seller work?
⦁ Add Attribute for the system?
⦁ Attribute work?
⦁ The new advanced filter option?
⦁ Upload Bulk Product from the admin panel?
⦁ Upload bulk products from the seller panel?

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