ERP Software, An integrated cloud solution for complete computerization of School & College,,University build on the most futuristic and highly sophisticated “Laravel” environment, denoted as QuizBoxs® – Educational Institute Management System. The solution is easy to use web based software created specifically for the management and administration of private and public institutions. The solution has been implemented in many prominent and reputed School,College & University across country. QuizBoxs® is best software for Nursery Schools, Graded Schools , Colleges, Institutes, Engineering Colleges, Management Colleges, Medical Colleges, Degree Colleges & University.
Features are given bellow:

Specific objective:
• To automate routine, syllabus, live exam, attendance and attendance report, result, performance, central monitoring, lecture content in school/college/University management and improve the efficiency the administration.
• To provide centralized management of academic data that can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world.
• To enable and empower school/college/University stakeholders to identify problem areas and designed effective solutions.
• To ensure smooth flow of information between students, teachers, stuffs and administrations.

Teacher portal:
⦁ Courses are assigned of each teacher according to semester/year/session wise
⦁ After login in teacher panel teacher can see and modulate courses which are assigned by admin
⦁ Teacher can create subject, chapter
⦁ Teacher can create Videos lecture list & upload videos, lecture sheet, set live exam on every videos
⦁ Teacher can published live class/live exam schedule
⦁ Teacher can create Live exam, archive exam, question bank exam , subjective exam, model test and also can create tutorial library
⦁ Teacher can connect with students & can transfer file between them

Student portal:
⦁ To Auto generate every day’s syllabus and group wise subject, chapters
⦁ Automatically added Video lecture, Lecture sheet & live exam of every chapter according to syllabus.
⦁ Automatically added live exam on every videos and student can See result & merit list.
⦁ Auto generated group wise question bank and live exam on question bank
⦁ In PDF corner auto Created E-Book list for every Book
⦁ Student can send Request for live class and live exam for any topics
⦁ Student can connect with subjective teacher
⦁ Student can post their problem and those post reaches to the subjective experts and others user.
⦁ subjective experts and others user can post/published solution which are post by students
⦁ Result are add to the student profile
⦁ Can see attendance, result, personal information
⦁ Auto generated CV
⦁ Notifies all types of notifications

Parent’s portal:
⦁ Result are add to the Parents panel
⦁ Can see attendance, result, personal information
⦁ Notifies all types of notifications

Smart result Management:
⦁ In result management system transcript are auto generated according to Assigned teacher input
⦁ Teacher Can see and modulate Assigned courses(attendance, marks, result)
⦁ After Submitted Result are add to the student profile , parents panel and send sms to the parents

Smart attendance system:
⦁ In Biometric attendance system students, Teacher & stuff are track with fingerprint/RFID Tag
⦁ Student’s present/departure and absent are notifies their parents via SMS.
⦁ Auto generated Everyday attendance report of student, teacher and stuff.
⦁ Student and parents can see students daily, monthly and yearly attendance report
⦁ Administration can see student repot individual/section wise/group wise
⦁ Administration can see teacher/stuff repot daily, monthly and yearly

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