Product Features:

If the water tank is empty, the motor will turn on automatically

When the water tank is full, the motor will turn off automatically

Automatic on / off as well as by-pass switch can be turned on / off the motor at any time as required by the previous switch.

Water and electricity will prevent wastage.

If there is no water in the reserve tank, if you turn on the motor, the motor will be damaged due to air duct in the motor. The reserve tank checker will keep the motor safe by ensuring the motor on / off.

The tanker will display the water level and line voltage on the digital display.

Will keep the motor completely safe from fuse due to high voltage and low voltage

Will keep the motor completely safe from being fused due to lightning strikes

Will act as an alternative to the stabilizer

With 24 months Replacement guaranty.
Place of use: Home, office, garments, school, college etc