About Tecboxs:
Since we are living in a Technological Era. We can’t think anything in our daily life without Technology. We are trying to make our life easier by creative ultimate creative solution. TecBoxs is a multi-faced company combined a board scope of services under one unique umbrella. We are Bangladesh’s leading Global Education Management System provider which including electronics attendance, smart academic system, Result management, Teacher management, student’s management, staff management, salary management, live exam module which handles all aspects with simply and efficiently. We provide Inventory management’s software (POS), Multi-vendor online shop, Complete ERP system. We also provide the following services: Hardware, software including Fully customized web applications, Android Application, Desktop application, IOT based software.
Our core mission is to provide top-class software development and related consulting and business process outsourcing services using cutting-edge technologies, robust development tools and client-oriented approaches.

Our aim is to define a new dimension of quality in custom software development, IT related consulting, IT and business process outsourcing services. That is why, the logo of TecBoxs Consult is “the art of software development“, which in business language means “quality beyond the expectations of the customer“. In simple words, the objective of TecBoxs Consult is the total satisfaction of its customers.

We have succeeded to deliver all our projects in time, providing highly innovative, scalable, reliable and easy maintainable solutions to our customers. Based on an exceptional team of IT specialists and a powerful and highly mature agile software development process, we enable our customers to develop their application portfolio on time and at high quality.

Why do you need Tecboxs?
Are you having a difficult time upgrading your services and software products? Do you feel like you are wasting time and resources on starting up your game plan? Tecboxs are looking forward to meeting you to solve your problems. There are many reasons why you need TecBoxs:
TecBoxs can help you save time and cost. Any software development lifecycle involves the tedious tasks of planning, implementing, testing, and doing documentation, deployment, and maintenance.
That is a lot of time spent and lost in an age of technological evolution where everything is instant. Without putting your ideas into motion, you might wake up the next day, and see them being done by another. With Tecboxs, you can get a minimum viable product (MVP) package to launch your product faster, validate customer feedback early, and most importantly, focus your time and money on the important features of your product.
In-house experience is important to launch your product.  TecBoxs professionals of software developers can serve as an in-house team and work on your products. Their presence and expertise can significantly aid in your project’s success.
TecBoxs provide you with a team of qualified professionals. While almost half of the professionals have bachelor’s degrees, a big portion of them has master’s degrees, which may ensure better qualifications.TecBoxs work With a clear and focused strategy, that’s why your product launch can be successful. Technology is ever-evolving, and every day, innovation can surface. TecBoxs keep up with technological advances and a wide range of languages and tools in developing products and applications. As a result, your product’s success is secured. TecBoxs come with application maintenance and support services. There can be application maintenance and technical support services including, but not limited to, performing root cause analysis for recurring problems and preventing system performance from degrading.
 With these services, you can reduce and manage the risks in your business without having to incur heavy losses in your financial resources. TecBoxs can help move your products forward, With their experience, qualification, advancement, and agility you can save time and cost, have more focus, and be prepared for risks. Let us help you with all your software needs. We’d love to hear from you!

Our Happy clients: ICT ministry, Jahangirnagar university, Dhaka university of science and technology, Bangladesh university of science and technology, Dhaka college, Cfm college, Abul Kashem international learning academy,ACED School, Savar Washing Factory, GCTL company, Hasnat enterprise, Mobile city, Computer source, Top Ten services, Big Bazar etc.